Hand painted lettering and decoration is a classic and stylish way to give your business or home a real feeling of individuality and character. Whether it is period or contemporary, each commission is unique and designed to suit its location, context and purpose with flair and care.

Traditional signwriting suits many, many applications where modern, computer generated lettering and graphics is not appropriate, such as vintage vehicles, period houses, traditional shops, historic working boats and conservation areas. In addition, traditional decorative skills are employed for a wide variety of contemporary uses; trompe l'oiel (meaning 'trick of the eye') murals, film and theatre sets, personalised interiors and painted furniture.

Deep respect for, and knowledge of, historical methods and period styles of decoration combined with individuality and a strong sense of design are key to producing top quality and long lasting hand painted work. Whether it be signwriting a narrow boat, gilding a glass shop front or painting a mural, the art of the traditional signwriter is far from dead!

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